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Hotspot Circulation Policy

Hotspot Checkout Eligibility

  • Only Adult and Juvenile card holders in good standing may check out hotspots.

    • Non-Resident, Temporary, or Digital Only card holders are unable to check out hotspots.

    • The card holder must have no more than $5.00 in fines in order to be eligible to check out a hotspot.

    • Patrons must have a signed Hotspot Agreement Form on file to check out a device.

    • Juvenile card holders must have a parent/guardian signed Agreement Form on file to check out a hotspot.

    • Adult card holder must show a photo I.D. when checking out a device.

Hotspot Checkout Terms

  • Hotspots can be checked out for 7 days.No renewals are allowed.

  • Only 1 hotspot per household is allowed for checkout.

  • Only 1 household member is allowed on the hold list at any given time.

  • Device will only be checked out to patron who placed hold.

  • Hotspots must be checked out and returned to library staff at the front desk.

Fines and Replacement Costs

  • Each hotspot kit contains the device, charging component(s), instructions, and case.All items should be returned in good condition after each loan period.

  • Overdue fines for hotspots are $1.00 per day.Broadband service will be suspended after the seven-day checkout period has ended.

  • Replacement fees for hotspots & accessories:

    • Hotspot - $90.00

    • Cable - $5.00

    • Charging Block - $5.00

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